Welcome to the Ace Bean Coffee fundraiser, where you can support your group's goals while savoring the taste of premium coffee from Brazil! Whether it's for a school trip, unit fundraising, community project, or any other endeavor, our fundraiser offers a delicious way to make a difference. Truly the American coffee experience!

How It Works:

  1. Select Your Roast: Choose your preferred roast level for your Brazilian beans. From light to dark, we offer a spectrum of roast profiles to satisfy every coffee lover's palate.

  2. Order Your Bags: Purchase bags of our freshly roasted Brazilian beans upfront at a discounted rate. These bags will be ready for distribution to your supporters.

  3. Sell, Sell, Sell: Promote your fundraiser and sell bags of Brazilian beans to your supporters, friends, family, and community members. Each sale directly supports your group's fundraising goals.

  4. Distribute Bags: Hand out the bags of Brazilian beans to your customers and thank them for their support. Our high-quality beans are sure to delight their taste buds with every brew.

  5. Enjoy the Rewards: Once your fundraising campaign concludes, enjoy the fruits of your labor as you put the funds raised towards your group's objectives.

Benefits of Our Brazilian Bean Fundraiser:

  • Premium Brazilian beans renowned for their rich flavor and aroma
  • Customizable roast levels to suit individual preferences
  • Upfront purchase model simplifies logistics for groups
  • Generous discounts for bulk purchases
  • Direct and immediate support for your group's initiatives


  1. Group Registration: Register your group with us to participate in the Brazilian bean fundraiser. This ensures access to our discounted rates and support materials.

  2. Upfront Purchase: Groups must purchase bags of Brazilian beans upfront at a discounted rate. This initial investment helps cover production costs and secures inventory for sales.

  3. Promotion and Sales: Actively promote your fundraiser and encourage sales within your network and community. Engage supporters through various channels and highlight the unique qualities of our Brazilian beans.

  4. Ethical Engagement: Conduct fundraising activities ethically and respectfully, adhering to our guidelines and principles. Maintain transparency and integrity throughout the campaign.

Embark on a flavorful journey with our Brazilian bean fundraiser and transform your group's aspirations into reality, one sip at a time. Join us in brewing a brighter future today! Please fill out this survey form and we will reach out to you: